Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to be Welsh to enter? 


No,  it is wonderful being Welsh and we have a lot of Welsh poets in our digital publication. However, this is a GLOBAL digital publication. We actively encourage all people to submit their micro-poems. That's all people.

Is there a criteria for people who can enter?


No way; we want everyone to send in their best poems, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, race, colour, creed, disability, etc, etc. 

Can I send in previously published poems?


No, please send new poems with no copyright issues.

How many poems can I send in?


You can send up to three poems in any submission period. We would rather you send three to give you more chance of being accepted.

What kind of poems do you want?


We want poems under 10 lines long that are imagistic. The imagery should do the work, rather than direct expression.

Is there a submission fee?


No fee at all. This is a voluntary project with no financial transaction, nothing earned, no grant funding. We don't pay for poems, unfortunately!

Can I submit in the following issue after being published?


Yes, of course you can. However, we will ensure that newbies get opportunities so you may get put back to the following issue. We will promote other publication opportunities for writers to send their work to. Make sure you check the Black Bough Twitter page.

Can I get copies of your publications?


You can print the Black Bough broadsheets at home. There is no cost, other than your own printer ink.

Who keeps the copyright?

Writers keep the copyright over their work. We do ask that you mention Black Bough if you re-publish your poem in your future collection (e.g. 'First published in Issue 1 of Black Bough Poetry Broadside project').

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