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Summer edition : Rapture / Freedom

Image under licence by Creative Commons. 'Sunset' by Jukka Heikkinen

Black Bough Poetry invite submissions of micro-poetry for the summer 2020 edition. As usual, we are looking for imagistic, suggestive poems, following the idea of 'less is more'. We publish vivid poems that avoid cliché and have subtlety. We recommend that you read our previous  editions before submitting and also read up on imagism.

Only poems sent to us on Sat 18th July and Sun 19th July will be considered.

Our overall, loose themes are 'Rapture' and 'Freedom' but we are open to most subjects and a sense of darkness and containment will make the light brighter. 

Submission guidelines:

a) Poets are invited to submit three micropoems. These must be previously unpublished.

b) This edition is for all poets, including those previously published with Black Bough.

c) The poems must not exceed ten lines long. Please send in Garamond font, size 12, in the submission window. We welcome bilingual versions of the same poem (eg. Welsh and English versions).

d) We’d prefer punctuated poems but it's not essential.

e) Please send your poems only in the submission window to with a short biography (up to 280 characters (to fit Twitter) - not 280 words!) and a photo (less than 500kb) and your poems in Microsoft Word by attachment. If you do not wish to send a photo as you don't want to be featured on the website or Twitter, please mention this.

f) If you have a simultaneous submission to another publication, please ensure you make this clear in your e-mail as this can cause major inconvenience if you suddenly withdraw your work.

g) Reminders! Please only send during the submission window (Sat 18th July 2020—Sun 19th July, 2020). Poems sent in before or after this will not be considered.

h) Reminder, huge sized photos (eg. over 1 Mb) or long bios. Please add your Twitter handle or social media ID.

i) It is the editorial policy to offer feedback on essential or potential improvements to poems that are on the edge of acceptance. The editorial team will confer on borderline poems. If you submit, this is what can be expected and it is intended to be constructive and increase acceptance rates. If you really don't like this, Black Bough may not be the right publication for you.Please indicate if you would like accept or reject rather than editorial suggestion.

j) Plagiarism, rude and offensive behaviour or hate speech will not be tolerated. We are trying to help poets and showcase excellent work. No sexually explicit poetry.

k) If you are accepted for this edition, you are also consenting for your poem to be used in a print version, if this becomes an option. 

Twitter: @blackboughpoems      Fb: BlackBoughpoetry

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