Dark Confessions is the first of two volumes dedicated to rock singer and poet Jim Morrison in the 50th year of his passing. Forty-nine writers from across the world contribute to an anthology dominated by the themes of confinement, isolation and grief, illustrated by Darren Green , Swansea designer.


Writers featured include Tara Skurtu, Ankh Spice, Mark Antony Owen, M.S. Evans, Dominic Weston, Briony Collins, Dai Fry, James Lilley, Natalie Ann Holborow, Andy MacGregor, Billy Fenton and many more.

The edition was edited and features work by Matthew M. C. Smith, Ness Owen, Ranjabali Chaudhuri and Kari Flickinger. Read testimonies/ reviews from John McCullough, Patrick Jones, Anna Saunders and David L O'Nan.

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"Dark Confessions is an intimate anthology where, in George Sandifer Smith's words, 'Night is recording'. Here are fierce, musical poems that chart interior spaces of solitude and constraint but also pieces that sizzle with imagination and, to quote Natalie Ann Holborow, 'spread miles / between your skin and wet gardens'. A raw and potent gathering."


John McCullough


"If  Bauhaus wrote  songs today. Brooding. Melancholic. dissolved loves. Drizzled dawns. Endless nights.  Strangely comforting." 

Patrick Jones


"As fierce, affecting and captivating as performances by rock god Jim Morrison or punk priestess Debbie Harry, this feast of vivid, imagistic, and richly lyrical poems have the wild energy of the mosh pit, and are as intoxicating as an after show party."  

Anna Saunders poet and CEO Cheltenham Poetry Festival .

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Matthew M. C. Smith

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Kari Flickinger


Darren Green

Ness Owen

Ranjabali Chaudhuri