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Summer edition submission window

You can read essential submission info on our summer edition in the 'submissions opportunities' section. We are only able to take work that is sent to us on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July, 2020, due to having so many overspill submissions. Work sent before or after these dates can't be accepted, sorry. We look forward to seeing your work. Make sure you read past editions and the submission info to make the process easy for yourself and for the team at Black Bough.


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Freedom / Rapture edition

We had hundreds of submissions for the summer 'Freedom/ Rapture' edition and are working through them carefully. The new Guest Readers (sub-editors) are Kari Flickinger, Ranjabali Chaudhuri and Ness O

Deep Time II

During August, we'll be completing Deep Time II, with a launch planned for September. This will also be a print publication and also free online. We're really excited about this finale to the Deep Tim

DEEP TIME -released

We're delighted to release 'Deep Time' volume 1, the anthology of poetry inspired by Robert Macfarlane's prize-winning book 'Underland' (2019). This work was released on July 17th. A copy was burned a

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